$8.99Fried Calamari

9oz of fresh calamari served with a lemon and your choice of ranch or homemade cocktail sauce

+ Upgrade to both sauces .50

$10.99Grilled Chicken Quesadilla

A grilled flour tortilla filled with a fresh 6oz plain grilled chicken a generous portion of cheddar jack and mozzarella cheese with fried sweet green peppers & white onion. Served with salsa and sour cream

+ Extra salsa .50 Extra sour cream .79

$13.99Supergiant Shrimp Cocktail

4 extra jumbo shrimp served chilled with cocktail sauce and a lemon

$8.99Potato Skins

Homemade potato skins topped with cheddar and bacon, and broccoli served with honey mustard and sour cream

$10.99Classic Greens

A Tuscan favorite! We take you back to where it all began with "Utica Greens" sautéed escarole tossed with salami, spicy hot cherry peppers, our secret breadcrumb blend and parmesan cheese

+ Don't like spicy or can't decide? Leave the hot peppers out, or, get them on the side!

$2.25Famous Garlic Bread and Dip

A Tuscan classic! One of the most requested menu items! One loaf of Italian bread sliced and topped with melted butter, sprinkled with romano cheese and garlic served with a small side of balsamic reduction house infused basil oil and our special made Italian seasoning to dip in!

Take out order: 1.99

per order

+ Additional loaf 1.00 Additonal dip .75 Additional glaze .75


Side Caesar or Side House 4.99

Add crumbly gorgonzola .79 Add 6oz marinated or plain grilled chicken 4.99 Add 6oz breaded chicken cutlet 5.99

+ Dressings: housemade balsamic Italian, ranch, or creamy blue cheese for .50 served on the side

$9.99Caesar Salad

Crisp spring mix, kalamata olives, sprinkled romano cheese, homemade "broken bread" croutons and sliced tomatoes both made in house and baked in our coal fired oven for a super unique taste, dressing served on the side

$12.99Antipasto Salad

A Tuscan classic! Crisp sping mix, sliced tomato kalamata olives, tuna, crumbly gorgonzola cheese, hand shredded Italian cheese, and fresh cut salami, house made balsamic Italian served on the side and is naturally gluten friendly!

$11.99Turkey Cobb Salad

Crisp spring mix, corn salsa, oven baked bacon, red onion, crumbly gorgonzola cheese, sliced turkey, choice of dressing served on the side

$10.99House Salad

Crisp spring mix, sliced tomatoes and homemade "broken bread" croutons both baked in our coal fired oven, sliced black olives, thin red onion, hand shredded Italian cheese, with choice of dressing

+ Crumbly Blue .79


$12.99Loaded Bacon & Bean Wings

10 wings tossed with our housemade sweet bacon baked beans and then topped with more sweet bacon baked beans


10 wings tossed in buffalo sauce topped with homemade mac-n-cheese and crumbled blue cheese garnished celery

$12.99Spicy Pickled Wings

10 wings tossed in an olive, pickle and cherry pepper salsa sauce topped with blue cheese stuffed olives garnished with celery

$12.99Pineapple "Pepper" Wings

10 wings tossed in a Dr Pepper BBQ sauce with pineapple salsa

$12.99Coal-Fired Chicken Wings

10 of our one of a kind wings are marinated in Italian seasonings and baked in our coal fired oven topped with caramelized onions sprinkled with parmesan and basil naturally gluten friendly 



+ Substitute fries .75

$3.50Cup Of Chili

+ Subsitute fries 1.50

$3.50Baked Beans

+ Substitute fries 1.50

$3.00Mac Salad

+ Substitue fries 1.50

$2.00Corn Salad

+ Substitute fries 2.00

$4.50Loaded Mashed

Cheddar, bacon, sour-cream, chive, butter

+Substitute fries 2.50

Other Dishes

$15.99Chicken Parm

Chicken cutlet hand-breaded with our special in house seasoned breading pan fried and topped with mozzarella cheese served over a bed of rigatoni in our homemade marinara sauce

$15.99Chicken Riggies

Our family recipe is where it all started! The original riggie sauce is made with our homemade marinara, white wine, white onions, grated cheese, spicy cherry peppers, sweet oven roasted green peppers, fresh mushrooms, baked chicken pieces and garlic! No cream! Just pure deliciousness

$14.99Vodka Riggies

Rigatoni tossed with our special homemade creamy pink garlic vodka sauce and onion

+Add 6oz marinated or plain grilled chicken 4.99

Add 6oz breaded chicken cutlets 5.99

$10.99Chicken Tender Basket

6 Tenders with fries and choice of ranch or honey mustard 

$9.99Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Marinated grilled chicken with galic mayo, lettuce tomato & onion on a toasted bun with fries 

+ Add American Cheese .50 Sautéed Peppers and Onions 1.50 Bacon .75

$10.99Philly Steak

Shaved steak with worcestershire sauce, American cheese, sautéed peppers and onions on a homemade roll with fries

$11.99Fish Fry

Breaded haddock with homemade coleslaw and fries

+ Served with tartar, lemon and ketchup 

$15.99Tuscan Chicken Alfredo

A customer favorite! Rigatoni tossed with fresh cut salami, homemade alfredo, baked chicken pieces, topped with our special oregano breadcrumb seasoning

$10.99Honey Mustard Chicken

Crispy chicken with honey mustard, cheddar cheese, pickles and bacon served with fries

$7.99The Hammy

Sliced ham, American cheese on homemade roll with fries

Specialty Pizza

The Buffalo

Buffalo sauce base, baked chicken, crumbled blue cheese, cheddar jack, red onion & mozzarella

Small $15.99 | Large $19.99

The Ultimo

For the ultimate meat lover... loaded with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, salami, and shaved steak with our homemade pizza sauce and mozzrella cheese

Small $15.99 | Large $19.99

The Crab Shell

Basil oil base topped with sliced tomato, spinach, & garlic with crumbled gargonzola cheese, real crabmeat stuffing, and mozzarella drizzled with balsamic reduction

Small $15.99 | Large $19.99

The Margarita

Sliced beefsteak tomatoes, fresh pulled buffalo mozzarella drizzled with basil oil after its cooked

Small $15.99 | Large $19.99

The Ball & Chain

Tomato sauce base topped with meatballs, sausage, seasoned ricotta cheese, choice of hot cherry peppers or seasoned baked sweet green peppers and mozzarella cheese

Small $15.99 | Large $19.99

The Flying Nun

Garlic base topped with seasoned ricotta cheese, ground beef and mozzarella 

Small $15.99 | Large $19.99

The Sweet Hog

Garlic base topped with housemade sweet brown sugar bacon, spinach, walnuts, pear, crumbled gorgonzola and mozzarella

Small $15.99 | Large $19.99

The Veggie

Pesto base topped with spinach, broccoli, seasoned baked sweet green peppers, zucchini, arugala, and fresh pulled buffalo mozzarella 

Small $15.99 | Large $19.99

Meat Toppings

Italian Sausage · Shaved Steak · Salami · Roasted Chicken · Pepperoni · Bacon · Candied Bacon · Ham · Pulled Pork

Other Toppings

Baby Spinach · Sliced Tomatoes · Mushrooms · Hot Cherry Peppers · Black Olives · Broccoli · Pears · Walnuts · Seasoned Ricotta Cheese · Kalamata Olives · Crumbly Gorgonzola Cheese · Fresh Mozzarella · Anchovies · Balsamic Reduction · Tomaotes · Zucchini

$11.99Small 12"

Meat Toppings 1.89 Other Toppings 1.69

+ Pesto or White pie add 1.50 +

$15.99Large 16"

Meat Toppings 2.25 Other Toppings 1.69

+ Pesto or White pie add 2.00 +

$11.99Gluten Free 8"

Meat Toppings 1.45 Other Toppings 1.00

+ Pesto or White pie add 1.00

Specialty Burgers

All Served With Fries

$13.99Surf And Turf Burger

Topped with 3 jumbo shrimp in a parmesan paprika chive sauce

$12.99Cool Ranch Dorito

Burger stuffed with cool ranch doritos topped with American cheese, lettuce, ranch, and crushed cool ranch doritos on a homemade bun

$13.99Stuffed Coal Fired Candied Bacon Burger

8oz housemade burger stuffed with 6oz handmade brown sugar bacon topped with American cheese, even more brown sugar bacon with homemade roasted garlic mayo served on a homemade bun

$13.99Potato Skin Burger

Sandwiched between our bacon, broccoli and cheddar skins

$12.99Pineapple BBQ Bacon Burger

Pineapple wrapped in bacon, fried onion, BBQ

$12.99Inside Out Burger

Your gonna need a fork! First we stuff the bottom bun with white cheddar then comes the fixins! Fried onion, bacon and BBQ sauce then we top it with our burger and add more cheese and mushroom and the bottom bun!

$13.99Quesadilla Burger

Topped with fiesta mixed cheese, fried peppers and onions, salsa, and sour cream all sandwiched between a cheese quesedilla "bun"

$12.99Ring The Alarm

Spicy cherry pepper mayo spead, American cheese, fried onion, spicy pickles, and red hot drizzle

$13.99Omnivore Burger

Spinach, tomato, ricotta, caramelized bacon, ham, chicken, and mozzarella

$8.99Build Your Own Burger

Choose our 6oz outstanding homemade beef patty (made with onion) 

Toppings: Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Relish, Raw Onion, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo

Add Bacon 1.25 · Add Cheese .75 · Add Chili 1.50 · Add Candied Bacon 1.75 · Add BBQ Sauce .50 · Add Mushrooms 1.00 · Add Sautéed Peppers 1.00

$8.99Or Our Homemade Turkey Burger

Both dressed with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a homemade bun to start

Toppings: Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Relish, Raw Onion, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo

Add Bacon 1.25 · Add Cheese .75 · Add Chili 1.50 · Add Candied Bacon 1.75 · Add BBQ Sauce .50 · Add Mushrooms 1.00 · Add Sautéed Peppers 1.00

$4.99Build Your Own Dog

Served on a bun with fries 

Toppings: Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Relish, Raw Onion, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo

Add Bacon 1.25 · Add Cheese .75 · Add Chili 1.50 · Add Candied Bacon 1.75 · Add BBQ Sauce .50 · Add Mushrooms 1.00 · Add Sautéed Peppers 1.00

Specialty Hotdogs

All Served With Fries

$6.99The BLT

Wrapped in bacon over diced tomato, lettuce and mustard ranch

$5.99Chili Dog

Housemade chili and cheddar cheese

$7.99The Yogi Bear

Topped with pulled pork, coleslaw and baked beans

$6.99Doritos loco

Topped with crushed cool ranch doritos lettuce cheese and ranch

$7.99Stuffed Pig In A Blanket

Cheddar and American cheese, and candied bacon rolled into a crescent and toasted

$6.99Cheese Dog

Hot dog with mac & cheese and crumbled bacon

$6.99The Porky

Topped with delicious pulled pork